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We also now offer FLEXSTONE Deck Coatings.

Specializing in 20 Year Warranty Sundeck Coatings

Double R Renovations now offers Tufflex and Flexstone deck coatings. Tufflex / Flexstone was originally developed to address the waterproofing needs at ski resorts. Ski resorts represent the worst-case scenario in the world of walking decks, that of harsh freeze/thaw climatic conditions combined with the wear and tear of heavy ski boots, ski poles and snow blowers. Since then, Tufflex has developed to suit many other applications. Pictured above is a sundeck at a ski resort using the standard Tufflex colour coat system. The system is still performing today. Flexstone / Tufflex lasts for decades. The same cannot be said for fashion – or vinyl for that matter as it tears.


How does Flexstone / Tufflex compare?

FLEXSTONE / TUFFLEX is an ECO-FRIENDLY deck membrane that lasts a lifetime. In terms of cost, the standard Flexstone / Tufflex system is comparable to a ten-year heavy duty vinyl but lasts at least twice as long.read more

Where can Flexstone / Tufflex be used?

Flexstone / Tufflex is used in a number of indoor and outdoor applications.This amazing versitility makes it a year-round product.Here are some of the places where Tufflex is being used all over the world.read more

What colours and finishes are available?

The Flexstone / Tufflex system comes in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any outdoor landscape or indoor decor.The Standard system includes a silicate sand mixed into the colour top-coat that provides traction in order to prevent slips and falls.
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Is Flexstone / Tufflex eco-friendly?

Flexstone / Tufflex is unique among urethanes because it contains no solvents. It is uses water as a catalyst which means that there are no strong odours or nasty chemicals. You can sleep at night knowing that the surface of your new sundeck is safe for small children and family pets.
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